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Salvador Dalí

Saturday, 30 October 2010

haus of gaga = oh lala.

Read an article on the tube about the master minds behind Lady Gaga's amazing creations and was baffled to realise the amount of work put into forming the fashionable and creative product. Haus of Gaga is the name of the creative force behind all of Gaga's visual works. With Matthew "Dada" Williams and Nicola Formichetti as the head of the team, the group consists of a string of the best talents in styling, design, choreography and art (alot of them from LONDON!). Everything that we see, from the telephone hat to the TV sun-glasses to all the amazing costumes and hair-do's, are all ideas born in the Haus of Gaga.

I love love love!! They are sooo amazing!

Haus of Gaga rocks !!

i've found my chains!

As you all know I have long been struggeling to find the right type of chains for my collection. Now the misery is over .. On Friday I finally got to check out a store I have long wanted to go to, Kleins in central London. It's a wicked haberdashery shop but unfortunatly it closes early everyday. Anyways, I got my hands on some chunky silver iron chains. They are very heavy and feels quite powerful. Me like! Also the best thing about these chains are that they are quite shiny when you buy them but they will get a worn out effect as time passes. They don't loose the colour like some cheap costume jewelleries intend to do, they simply get a nice matt finish to them, which is exactly what I want!

We also found a new beads shop in Covent Garden, called Bead Aura. It's in Neal's Yard, off Neils Street, which is a really cosy courtyard space with coffee shops and restaurants and dine out areas. And in the corner of this space you'll find Bead Aura. Great shop with decent prices so got myself some nice material there aswell.

Going to get my tools now and get started. Also my sis is shouting for me to hurry up and get ready so we can go shopping!

And also yes I am aware that it is Halloween this weekend but frankly I dont really care. Haha .. But for all of you that do: Happy Halloween!!

Ciao for now / P.

In memory of my darling angel .. You are still deeply missed!

Monday, 18 October 2010

interneeet we need you!!

Ok so as you can see I haven't been able to be on here for a while a.k.a I still don't have my internet up and running! I am hoping it will all be ready for this weekend ..

As I have practically been living out of my suitcase, and have all my other bits packed away in boxes in my living room, I haven't been able to get all my pieces together yet. It's much harder than I thought it would be! But I have yet again done some research ..

Last week I decided to go clay shopping, so I set myself on an adventure in east London. I was looking for Atlantis, the UK's largest arts and crafts material store and is an icon of London's East End. I took a while to find it but it was sure worth it. I had been there once before, back when I was a student, but it is just as exciting every time! I must admit, they are very under-staffed so you need to be prepared to be completely on your own serving yourself! Hehe .. But as long as you know what you are after it is pretty simple to find your way around in there. And I sure did find some cool stuff; fimo clay, glass paint and varnish spray. :)

As I have long been trying to get my hands on a material for my beads I decided to play around with fimo clay, and since I have never worked with fimo clay before .. I decided to make a test piece first. Here is how it went:

My next mission: to find the right chains!! I have found some wicked habedashery and crafts shops in central London so will try to check them out soon again. Kleins seems to be a really cool one ... only problem is that it shuts at 5pm everyday, and I never get out of work before then! :( We'll see how it goes ..

Anyways, chilling with my favourite girls now. So make sure you don't miss me too much and hopefully we will be re-united this weekend. Haha

Good night folks! / P.

Friday, 1 October 2010

mommy told me to always share.

Hello weekend! Good to see you again!

This week has been well hectic. The area managers were in the day after we flipped the floor and said that it was the best it has ever looked!! We had that one coming though because I was very pleased with it myself. 14 hrs shift well worked I would say! Have had around 50 new lines in this week aswell so this weekend will be a well deserved one!

I have kept this blog since mid-summer now and thought it might be time to share it with more people. Its always fun when people read something on here and ask me about it later, like it's a new source of information. So source or no source, I thought it was time to get more people involved. So for all of you who are already familiar with this page, keep on reading and subscribing and for all of you who are reading it for the first time, welcome!!

Facebook will have a link on Monday.

Thanksgiving in the US is just 1 month away .. So why the hell not. Let's be thankful and share!

Happy weekend! / P.