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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

this. is. my. dream. bedroom. ♥

I have this perfect image of this perfect bedroom that I want to turn my little nest into. Although it is quite impossible to get it exactly like the one I have in my head, (as I would have had to build the whole house from foundation and up .. and it probably wouldn't be in London) I am constantly looking for items to complete my perfect bodouir. My personality is quite strong and I have a lot of specific interest, but I decided this time around that I wanted my bedroom to reflect the mood I would want to be in every night when I am in it, calm and relaxing and also very feminine.

The main colours I am using are white, washed out pinks and linen. I don't want to have a lot of colours in my room, especially no strong ones. I do have quite a few books on my shelves which definitly spoil the whole look of the room .. so I have decided to cover most of them in nice white paper and leave the original cover on the ones that go with the room. The titles I will be writing out by hand. I have also got a lot of candles all around my room to give it that extra glow and when I eventually decide to turn my lamp on the light will be streaming from my adorable chandelier. Think crystals, lace, baskets and elements of worn metal. Getting an idea? Well I'll make sure I take a proper photo when I am done .. but for now, come dream away with me:

Thank you IKEA .. I absolutely adore it ♥.

/ P.

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