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Salvador Dalí

Friday, 1 October 2010

mommy told me to always share.

Hello weekend! Good to see you again!

This week has been well hectic. The area managers were in the day after we flipped the floor and said that it was the best it has ever looked!! We had that one coming though because I was very pleased with it myself. 14 hrs shift well worked I would say! Have had around 50 new lines in this week aswell so this weekend will be a well deserved one!

I have kept this blog since mid-summer now and thought it might be time to share it with more people. Its always fun when people read something on here and ask me about it later, like it's a new source of information. So source or no source, I thought it was time to get more people involved. So for all of you who are already familiar with this page, keep on reading and subscribing and for all of you who are reading it for the first time, welcome!!

Facebook will have a link on Monday.

Thanksgiving in the US is just 1 month away .. So why the hell not. Let's be thankful and share!

Happy weekend! / P.


  1. hahahaha nice one!
    everyone should read this!

    keep up the good work.

  2. Love it!! :)

    It looks really cool and can't wait to get all those bracelets you've promised me!!! :o) xxx