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"So little of what could happen does happen."

Salvador Dalí

Thursday, 31 March 2011

guess where i'm gooooing? :)

Didn't take any photos from the nightshift this time around. Got one from our new jewellery destination which looks pretty cool. Had our visit in today and it went really well .. But it left me with no breaks at all as I was super busy. Sometimes that's needed I guess ..

On the flipside something quite amazing happened. I finally booked my tickets to the States!! Going with my sister in a less than 2 months to visit my dad and celebrate his birthday and I'm super excited! Been missing it so much and can't wait for all the shopping .. And the food!! Yumyum .. And I actually love the fact that I'm going there with my sister .. :) Yay!

Some images from last visit:

So see you all in about two months my American muchachas! Love / P. x

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

smashed it?

Looking good people .. Nightshift went well with everyone praising the new floor layout. Got a message from my manager saying I should be proud of our work. Sweet .. :) But when most people dragged themselves to their beds to embrace the sweet act of sleeping I had to stay awake for a meeting I had at 12.30 .. Really hard but totally worth it. Met a wonderful careers coach that is helping me with potential future plans .. So all and all a successful meeting. However after being awake for 30 hrs and waking up after 7 I feel a bit out of place. And tomorrow is a bright and early day as we are expecting visits in store. So I'm nipping off with two thumbs up for a successful day!

Sleep tight London! / P. x

Sunday, 27 March 2011


dominic jones

steampunk jewellery

Im finding more and more of the underground jewellery scene and have stumbled upon some with similar interest to mine .. industrial jewellery! Many of us refer to jewellery as something pretty, shiny and bold .. But looking at the catwalk from all the recent SS collections we are definitly seeing more of this fierce attitude. Me like! Making beautiful, feminine creations out of something very masculine and rough adds a lot of character to ones outfit. Definitly hoping to see more of this scene in 2011.

kirsty ward ss11
alexander wang ss11

Love / P. x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

no computer = more time to play.

My computer has completely given up on me again .. Such an unreliable device! Thank god for my iPhone .. I would've completely vanished without it. This is also the reason why i haven't been making a lot of posts lately.

However .. something good does always come out of the bad and by me not having a computer to waste my time on all day I have been sending out important emails and received important calls all day. I have also planned what I will be doing during the next few months and it includes everything from a trip to the States to a house swap! How exciting! And potentially I will have a good few pieces from my collection ready to showcase soon as well! I received my material today so will be playing with that soon ..

I am also creating something special tomorrow for an upcoming "event" .. You'll get my point when it's time. Lol :))

Making yummy lasagne for my girls now .. So off I go! Hope you've all enjoyed the weekend so far. Speak soon / P. x


Thursday, 24 March 2011

creativity keeps me going.

swimwear destination

New April Directive has been launched .. The floor flow is inviting spring with light macs, beach wear and sandals and a soft colour palette contrasted with bold corals and pinks. We definitly noticed a heavy footfall in store today as well as tourists stormed in from all doors. Sunny weather, lunch in the park and afternoon browsing on Portobello Rd .. Beautiful day!

My material hadn't arrived though so I'll have to wait with my pieces till next week. But here's some clues of the compositions I'm using:

Can't wait to finish them .. I'll make sure I'll post them here when they're done .. Hope you'll like them! Rolling out the directive in our store on Tuesday btw. Looking forward to wipping the floor back in shape!

Anyways .. Nitenite for now / P. x

lunch in the park.

Oh how glorious .. spring is finally here! And what better way to invite this than lunch under the sun in the park? :) Photo shoot at our WBG store today .. Then off to check if my feathers have arrived. Getting some other cool bits just now as well .. Will show you later. Ciao for now / P. x

Monday, 21 March 2011

colour shopping.

Hello people! Today was a quite busy day .. like usual. Have my VM assistant on holiday as well but managed to get a lot done. We have some really nice pieces in store at the moment .. from new embellished skirts to new jewellery so it was fun to play with them a bit. After work I had a nice dinner out with my bestie followed by some sweet-shopping for later .. :))

Also managed to click home some feathers just now. Got a bit carried away and bought loads .. haha. Just hoping they are as pretty as their images. Here are a couple of my findings:

Pretty .. aren't they? Love the colours .. Anyways time to consume some sweeties now .. Nitenite guys! / P. x

Sunday, 20 March 2011

feeling spring in the air.

Thanks lovelies for a great end to the week. Love / P. x

.. and happy norouz to my friends and family all over the world!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


So we are all following the trend by now .. feathers. A material so raw .. yet such a vibrant enhancement to any outfit. Feathers are normally always associated with bohemian but it's 2011 now and we are slowly getting the grasp of how something so natural can turn into a fashionistas top accessory, especially in the world of costume jewellery .. and especially with spring just around the corner. Gwyneth Paltrow wore her vibrant feather earrings to the Grammys and singer KeSha is a big fan of the material too .. and that's only the beginning of the string of celebrities and fashion icons hooked on this trend.

Came across a cool brand designated to feathers only, Owlita. The brand started in Oregon, USA and specialises in vibrant feather earrings, all hand-dyed and joined individually. A bit pricy maybe .. but we still like them .. we like them a lot. 

Check them out here. And stay posted for my own pieces coming out in spring. Love / P. x

Friday, 18 March 2011

looking forward to an amazing weekend.

Ladies and gentlemen .. The weekend has arrived!! Snipping out in a bit to watch a film with my bestie in the cinema .. Girls are going out tonight but I decided to not go along this time. It's Iranian new years eve this weekend as well so we are heading to my family in north London for some pre-new years celebrations tomorrow night. The rest of the weekend is just going to be relaxing and enjoying myself at home.

Looking forward to it! Enjoy your weekend people .. And Happy Norouz!!

Love / P. x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Very productive day today .. Feels like I'm saying that about all my days lately. Haha .. But it's true! Decided to launch our beach destination a day earlier than planned to bring in those extra dineros! Was a success too as everyone seemed to appreciate it as the area was selling really well .. Well done me!

Had a relaxing day at the gym after work with steamroom, sauna and a few lapses in the pool. And had a fairly healthy "buffet dinner" when we got home. Yummy!

Tomorrow is the official launch of beach directive and we are getting our mannequins changed too. And after work I'm off for 3 days with my bestest friend by my side!! Yihoo for early weekends!!

Nite lovelies! / P. x

Monday, 14 March 2011

my day today.

beach destination
new high-level display in place as well

my lunch today .. healthy doesn't always have to be bad :)

Busy Monday with sexy layouts on the floor being put in. What do you think? Anyways .. time for a siesta now. Another busy day is waiting me tomorrow as we are re-working the rest of the floor and have also decided to go and pick up more uniform. Joyful Tuesday .. and even more joyful Thursday as that's when my darling arrives! Couldn't ask for a better week .. :)) Love / P. x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

happy birthday selma!

white nails for the night
me and the bday girl

A very big happy bday to my best friend, cousin, enemy, rival, love .. everything .. Selma!! She turned the big 26 today and last night we went out to rock it out. All the girls where gathered for the first time in a long time and the night turned out to be a success as everyone had a blast! With a good night and cake eating sorted its now time to cuddle up and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope you've all enjoyed yours too!

Love you Selma! / P. X