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"So little of what could happen does happen."

Salvador Dalí

Monday, 31 January 2011

inspired tonight.


Sneak peak from todays work

Good night everyone. Love / P. x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

this is how i work.

need to buy some more tool-boxes .. bought this one for a pound and it works like a charm!
raw materials .. good for prototyping and experimenting
Finally made some prototypes for my upcoming pieces. Feels like I'm finally getting there but won't be able to show any of it as of yet. But soon I promise! My room was a complete mess last night. The images above are a tidy version of what it looked like .. and now that my room finally is organised again I'm going to mess it up :) Time for some more work!!

Ciao for now! / P. x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

unproductive .. ?

I have done alot of research and experimenting today .. but it feels like I haven't gotten anywhere. It's so hard to find the right materials. I was aware of this before because this is not the first time I feel like this. I am not happy with the regular pre-made pieces that alot of designs have been using nowadays. Have come across alot of young bloggers that have picked up jewellery design (not going to mention any names) and yes the designs are intriguing .. but nothing special. The reason for this is that they are using bits and pieces that you can find in any arts and crafts store. I strongly believe in this new project I am working on and I don't want to ruin it just so I can complete it quicker. It simply has to take as long as it takes .. because I want it to be 100%  me and no one else!

Can't help feeling that I have been unproductive though .. So now that I've had my dinner I'm going back to work!

fungi conchiglie with homemade meatballs and sundried tomatoes. yum!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! Ciao / P. x

thank you!

Yes I woke up really late today. Kicked off the day with a good breakfast and now I've been sitting and organising all my posts for the past hour! Realised that the structure of my writing was a bit messy so now when its done make sure you check my topics on the left hand side of this page and let me know if it has made it any easier? Also would like to thank everybody that has been reading my blog for the past months .. Still very new at this but I have realised that the numbers have grown drastically for the past two months and I am so grateful for that!! So keep reading everyone. Love you! / P. x

Friday, 28 January 2011

nicki minaj ft drake - moment 4 life (official music video)

Iiiihh !!! :)) Much anticipated and finally here. Video premiered last night so I can't find a good version of it to show you. But either way .. enjoy! Big love for Dricki Minaj! / P. x

Video has been removed due to copywrite .. Will post a new version as soon as I find an availible one. Buhuu! 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

late night post #2

Been really lazy today .. at work, at home, right now .. Tomorrow is Friday and I can finally start my new project. I couldn't sleep the other night because my head was full of ideas that I want to use towards this new concept. I won't be revealing any details as of yet .. but I promise you that if I manage to get them right then it's going to be amazing. I'm actually really excited about it! And like I said .. I can hopefully get a kick-start this weekend.

Off to bed now .. Nitenite! / P. x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

my new choos.

Will be walking like a queen in you's .. Thanks D! / P. x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

when the lights are off and the curtains roll down.

This is how it's done. Messy, empty, dirty .. It was the biggest floor move in a long time but I am happy that I can finally say byebye sale and hello spring! Thanks to everybody who contributed. Ciao / P. x

bad news really do come in a bulk!

Woke up today to a phone-call that brought me down a whole lot! Had a telephone meeting with a lady called Lauren that was going to help me settle some deals and organise for some changes to be made. She is the lady that took over from the guy I initially had a meeting with in November, but who left the company. Unfortunatly after his leave the whole settlement left with him. We are still working to organise for the changes to be made as soon as possible but it looks like it's going to take some time ..  longer than I had expected. I am therefore taking matters in my own hands from now on. When things like this happen you do sometimes stop and think why everything just falls down on your head at once .. but you should never give up and always remember that after rain there's sunshine. So this only means that brighter things are waiting ahead!

I'm not letting this bring me down on this perfect Tuesday eve. The struggle just adds to the fun. For everyone out there thinking things are hard .. They are! But it can only go upwards from here on ..

Love / P. x

i've missed you honey.

Nightshift done and I'm finally home in my precious bed .. No need for further evaluation. It's time. to. sleep.

Nitenite London! / P. x

Monday, 24 January 2011

lunch time!

left overs are the best! sabzi polo with kabab maytabei (iranian dish)

Lazy Monday afternoon but I've been quite productive already actually .. Our shower stopped working during the weekend so we had to take showers like Jane in the jungle. So I rang our agency to sort it out but realised that it was working again. Strange .. Then I've made a couple of phone-calls to different places and sent emails and all sorts. So I think I deserve another little nap! Besides I've got a loooooong night ahead. Will try to post something from there too .. Haven't blogged from my phone yet so need to try it. :)

Cheerio! / P. x

so what's the deal with twitter anyways?

Yupp .. I'm one of the many twitter users now. Not sure why but thought I'd give it a try. Created my account like a year ago or something but didn't really care much for it. Millions of people can't be deluded right ..? Well see .. Haha

Not in a rush to go to bed as I should really be up all night and sleep all day tomorrow .. time for another nightshift and another floor move. But I am feeling tired and it is quite late anyways .. So off I go!

Nitenite people! Oh and make sure you follow me @thisispari. /P. x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

sunday promenade.

this is where our journey started .. the scary tunnel way

Went on the longest walk ever today .. Walked trough weird alley-ways and woods and ended eventually up in Alexandra Palace. It's the same place we watched the fireworks from on New Years Eve. Such a beautiful spot .. will never get tired of that place. Took Coco with us aswell so he had a proper day out .. but ended up being PROPER dirty aswell. Hehe .. Making an iranian dish called sabzi polo and mahi now. So I'll catch up with you in a bit.

Some images from today:

alexandra palace

london town from alley palley
found the corpse of a flare we used on NYE! it was still there .. haha
my dirty converse after the walk
"thanks for my walk ladies"

Laters! / P. x

Didn't realise that this was my 100th post!! Thanks for everyone that's been reading and following! Big Love!!

book wrapping and love baking.

after much anticipation i finally wrapped my books today. trying to keep the colours to a bare minimum (silver, white & cream?) .. so as you can see im still not finished .. but still looks pretty organised huh?
cuddeling with my favourite after his bath
made my favourite cake in the world .. swedish kärleksmums. in english it translates into "love-yums". just in time for valentine's day next month! anyways .. they were delicious :)

Super relaxing day. Slept till late and had a nice dinner + dessert with my sis. Been organising, cleaning and tidying all day and even manage to get my laundry done. Not going to bed quite yet as I can feel the results of waking up late kicking in. Doesn't matter anyways as I have a long-weekend ahead! Directive nightshift is on Monday night so will be able to sleep as much as I want till then. :) 

Hope you've all had a good day too! Love / P. x

Saturday, 22 January 2011


hello digital print silk trousers .. i want you!
the pattern has hand painted birds in watercolours and gouache! inspired by tribal african prints, morrocan mosaic motifs & authentic asian ikats .. all n all amazing, bold geometries perfect for spring! dont you think? i loooove it!

Not going to be able to get my hands on these bad boys for a while but I am definitly waiting it out. It might seem like a brave choice but I think they'll be adorable in spring with a plain simple tee and some cute sandals. Quite an expensive pair (£140) but who cares about the price when you can look pretty?

I finally got to get my make-up today though. Like I said .. I shattered my bronzer into a million pieces the other day so definity had to go and refresh my make-up bag. Buying some more next week as they didn't have all my pieces today .. always sold out when you need it! Trying a new concealer this time around aswell. The lady sold it to me like butter sells in a dairy shop!

 Nitenite for now! / P. x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

shots from today. jan directive WBG.

silk & prints vs. tailoring
ikat print, casual
tie-dye with print instead of graphics this season

first & second cluster of mannequins

Bring on spring 2011! Love / P. x