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Sunday, 9 January 2011

10 top things i miss about gothenburg ♥

As you all might know already I moved from my hometown Gothenburg in Sweden about 6 years ago to study and work in London. Everyone is always eager to move from Sweden and go to new exciting places .. and I do understand that because GBG can be VERY boring from time to time. But after living in such a vibrant and busy city for several years you can't help to think about the little things that made you happy when you lived in Sweden. Here is a little list (not in any particular order) I've put together:

1. Swedish fast food!! The list is endless .. Odinsgrillen is in my heart forever ♥. So is Swedish pizza and McFeast from McDonalds! Ohh .. and Sibylla. You gotta love Sibylla!!

2. Coffee shop culture! They are so cosy and individual and have the best food ever. In big cities like London you mostly find larger chain coffee shops i.e. Starbucks. So chavy but Tintin we love you!

3. Chilling in Trädgårdsföreningen during spring time. Probably been there a million times during my lifetime. Will never get tired of it.

4. Trams (spårvagn)!! You will always have reception while travelling in this city. Haha

5. Fontänen in Brunnsparken. The number one meeting point in the city.

6. The fact that everything is so CLOSE to eachother. Taking a walk with the right person in central GBG is like the best date ever.

7. Scandinavian design. So simple and chique. Not talking about IKEA per se but the fact that everything is so well organised and CLEAN!

8. Communal gardens/hang out places in your area. Yea it was mostly for when we were younger and we didn't do much there .. but still so much fun.

9. Food shopping. Hemköp, ICA, Willys .. even LL!! (does that even exist anymore?)

and last but definitly not least ...

10. Sun beds!! It's a mad culture for people there and it is so cheap. No pale suckers in Sweden .. everyone always look so fresh and tanned.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

I love Gothenburg and I always say that when I have enough money I will buy myself a flat there .. just so that it will forever be one of my "homes". :) I wonder if I would appreciate all of the things above as much if I decided to never leave though. I guess I will never know huh? Either way I'm happy I moved here .. have had alot of fun here too and have developed alot as a person. But GBG will forever be GBG .. and I therefore think it's time for another visit soon. Maybe even as early as next month? :)

Big love to my favourite city in the world ♥ / P. x


  1. ohhhhhh i miss Tintin so much :(....and everything else on the list...think i need to organise a trip too :) x

  2. mums!!! kycklingbaguetter på tintin!!

    LL finns inte längre. De blev uppköpta av Willy:s. Därför de två LL:en i namnet är röda!

  3. Hahaha lr hur .. Oh Vida är on point me info. Skarp som razorblades haha .. X

  4. aaaaawww .. i miss all of those things too!! + more ! .. =(

  5. it reminds me about gtb...missing gtb so much T_T