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Salvador Dalí

Saturday, 30 April 2011

time to pack again.

our own style of packing .. lol

The day is finally here .. Tomorrow me and my sister are moving in to our new flat! We have had a whole day of packing, organising and tidying to prepare it all for the the pick up mid-day tomorrow. I'm so excited! Really feels like the beginning of something really fun and enjoyable .. and we have so many fun projects waiting us in the new flat too. More about that later .. for now I think we both deserve a glass of wine!

Hope you've all enjoyed your bank holidays so far! Speak later / P. x

Friday, 29 April 2011

sarah burton for fashion queen.

some of the many "competing" designs

For several months there has been hundreds of designers flocking to their drawing tables and dressing mannequins to create the wedding dress of the century. And a lot of hearts were broken when the "winner" was revealed. My heart however was fully joyful as the project was given to one of my favourite designers at the moment, Sarah Burton. Since being confirmed to be the new Creative Director for Alexander McQueen she has baffled a lot of us with her amazing creations and today she did it again.

200 years of British royal history and the heritage of the Arts & Crafts tradition was incorporated in the wedding dress that had a 3 meter train. The Royal School of Needlework worked closely with the Alexander McQueen atelier to create a hand-embroided, sculpted bodice that Kate wore over her Victorian-style corset. The hand-stitchers had to wash their hands every 30 minutes and change the needle every 3 hours to keep the lace and thread clean and pristine. In addition to all of this, Sarah Burton hand-picked every bit of fabric used on the dress herself, ensuring only the best material in the UK was used. Now thats hard work!

So big up Sarah Burton! I'll make sure to save your details for my own future plans .. :))

Love / P. x

we have a new princess!!

awww .. 

Behold .. Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Just watched the ceremony and thought it was really cute actually. And the wedding dress, by Sarah Burton (for Alexander McQueen) was stunning! More pictures of that later. But celebrations are being carried out in every corner of the world now so I do not want to break the festivities myself .. I am therefore going to hit the shops. That's my way of celebrating .. Lol. Ciao for now / P. x

i have found my favourite website.

The edgy Aussie web-shop Market HQ ... LOVE it big time!

Off for 4 days now .. sweet mother of royal weddings!! Starting it with a shopping spree tomorrow .. maybe even something from this website? We'll see ... Love / P. x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

one hour powernap.

Organised for a nightshift to be put in place tonight as we have an update coming through later this evening. Curious to find out what it is. Decided to take an hour powernap now and then wake up and organise some things at home before I head out.

So night night people .. Speak later! / P. x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

khloe kardashians shoe closet!

.. and this is only one side of it!! Look at all the Loubs .. omg GIVE ME!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

aw11 .. making my tummy tingle.

Been sitting for the past 2 hours and watching the catwalk shows from Paris Fashion Week .. a sea of intelligence and artworks introducing the colour palettes and forms of AW 2011. The majority of the design houses no longer have their original designers, yet all of them have managed to embrace the history of the brands and still play with the thoughts of the modern world. Dark, theatrical fetishism feathering through the Louis Vuitton show is as beautiful as the medieval inspired couture at the house of Victor & Rolf.

My personal favourites where Sarah Burton's creations for Alexander McQueen and the punk-sexy embellished & metallic work of Balmain. Absolutely amazing!!

alexander mcqueen aw11
balmain aw11

Wish I always had front row seats to shows like this .. So for everyone that don't know what to get me for my birthdays .. This is just a minor hint .. ;))

Love / P. x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

we love long weekends.


Full of energy now .. Bring on the new week! / P. x

i want these!

I've always wanted a pair of these must-have little black numbers .. Never found a decent pair until now though. Wear them with a pair of worn-out ankle high jeans and a silk blazer .. Yumyum! £59.99 from Zara.

Me love them. / P. x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

saturday chill.

Day full of food, drinks, laughter and deep talk .. Can you ask for a better Saturday? Maybe .. but I still loved it :) Hope you've all enjoyed yourself too!

Love / P. x

Friday, 22 April 2011

fashion against aids 2011.

H&M is releasing its 4th Fashion against AIDS collection on the 26 April 2011, and this time with a unisex collection! Big hoodies, one-pieces and funky bold accessories will be sold with 25% of all profits being donated to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS amongst the younger generation of the world. The celebs have gathered for yet another release so get involved people .. I know I already have some favourites .. :))

Love / P. x

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

up in a bun and off we go.

We are launching our mid-season sale tonight for all you sale hungry chickens out there. Perfect timing for bank-holiday weekend right? It is very unprepared though as we only found out about it yesterday .. Yikes! But I'm sure it will go well :))

Time to go and get ready now! Chopp chopp .. And off I go! Love / P. x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

monica vinader, friendship bracelets.

One word: Monica Vinader! Check out her website for these Fiji & Rio friendship bracelets that has taken the world by storm .. Precious metal mixed with cotton cord that come in loads of different meanings and colour-ways. Prices vary depending on the style but range from between £78 - £135.

Give me one now!! / P. x

new inhabitants in my closet.

From left:  Aztec Skirt.   Dano Tee.   Antalya Trousers.  - all All Saints

Are we loving my new babies .. ? Yes we are! / P. x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

the concious collection by h&m.

The wait is over .. The enviromentally friendly collection has finally hit all the H&M stores worldwide. The launch was due to be on the 14th but most stores (at least in London) launched it a day before. Was flipping the floor in our Harrods concession on Wednesday morning so got a first glance at the new pop up department in the Knightsbridge store. Here are my favourite pieces:

so prettyy .. have already bought the crocheted waistcoat. so cute!

the concious collection at the knightbridge store before launch opening

 Enjoy your shopping! / P. x

have you ever seen a cupcake parlor this cool?

Walking past Soho yesterday we spotted this bakery, Cox Cookies & Cake. It's situated on Brewer Street, quite close to Madame JoJo's and is a collaboration between renowned shoedesigner Patrick Cox and Eric Lanlard, London's finest cake maker. It can't get better than that right? Well WRONG because this place is absolutely frikkin amazing. Due to my healthy regime (lol) I didn't step inside but the window displays were showcasing a small friction of what you could find inside. From sexy abs cupcakes to bunny cupcakes just in time for Easter. It's actually hilarious .. and look soooo tasty! And the new collaboration has had a lot of press coverage too. Giving my diet a couple of months and then that's where you will be finding me!

Go check it out guys! Love / P. x

Sunday, 10 April 2011

goodbye day/dinner.

me and mr handsome
the invincible trio

Love days like this .. Our journey has just begun but we will still miss you älskling! Good luck with everything in Stockholm. Love / P. x