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"So little of what could happen does happen."

Salvador Dalí

Sunday, 27 February 2011

proffesional beauty 2011.

Quick stop at home and I'm off to see the girls at the ExCel centre. See you there! / P. x

byebye gothenburg.

Decided to head out to Linne for a nice dinner with my best friends last night. Unfortunatly I didn't manage to meet all my sweets in GBG this time. Time flies when ur having fun! But I will hopefully come back soon again .. :)

Got the most amazing surprise as well as I was taken to Alishba Spa for an hour long aroma therapy Thai massage! Omg!! The most amazing thing I have ever experienced .. If you are ever in Gothenburg make sure you try it as it supposedly is the best place in town. Love it, love it, love it!! Felt like a complete new person afterwards .. And on top of all of that I got to spend my last night in a beautiful hotel in central GBG with a lush breakfast buffe to prepare myself for my trip back. Thanks for making a wonderful stay even more wonderful sweet!

Anyways there is only one thing left to say .. Byebye Gothenburg and hello London!! :) / P. x

Saturday, 26 February 2011

last breakfast with the family.

I know its upside down .. not so good at this mobile blogging thing :) .. Ain't they cute though ?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

just testing.

Testing, testing .. my new blog app. Seems to be working like a charm!

business meeting #3.

Been a couple of lazy days now but with time ticking and me realizing that I'll be back in London in no time we decided to spent a couple of hours to research for our upcoming project. Our bags are full of new sexy items and our stomachs are fully pleased .. so now its time for some work! Ciao! / P. x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Do you know what I'm celebrating? Im celebrating the fact that my flight left Sweden 2 hours ago and I am still here!! Got a new ticket to stay longer and sort out some personal bits .. but this naturally means that I can enjoy my beautiful home-town a bit longer! Feels so good .. I should be in London in a couple of minutes .. instead I am waiting for state of the art köttbullar and potatismos (swedish meatballs and mash)!! Yum! :)

Love / P. x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

iranian breakfast.

Have a nice day everyone! / P. x

Monday, 21 February 2011

nostalgia trip.

Decided to stay at home the whole day today and get some bits sorted. Luckily this gave me some time to go through some of my old stuff that I had left with my aunt at her place when I moved to London. Found some really funny things and because of the involvement of everyone else I can't post all of them here .. ohh I wish I could! There is still one box missing though so I am hoping to find it before I go back to London.

message from my best friends on my graduation day
found loads of funny images from my child hood

Had so much fun going through all of this. True nostalgia trip there for a moment .. Hehe. Bed's calling now so speak to you later. Ciao / P. x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

omg i love this series!

Funniest Swedish series in a loooong time .. And that's alot coming from someone NOT Swedish. Had a Solsidan marathon yesterday and was cry-laughing all through it. Shame only 9 million people can enjoy it (ok alot more than that if you count all around the world) .. but hurray for being one of them! :))

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! / P. x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

look what i found!

OMG! I found this at my aunt's house and had to show you guys. Made this for my uncle on his birthday when I was 10 years old. Was I a creative child or what? Stripped a bottle, covered it in sand and polished it to make it look worn .. I even burned the edges on the paper and dripped candle wax on it. Not sure if you can read the message on the letter but it was basically meant to be for my uncle from an imaginary abandoned girl that promised that I would give my uncle free massages for a whole year as a b-day gift .. if he managed to rescue her of course. Hehe .. Can't believe that they still have it in their house. Was quite touched actually .. :)

Apart from that discovery, the weekend has been pretty chill ... Have had some great food again and just been taking it easy. Not going to keep you long so leaving you with some images instead:

visited my angel .. 
even made friends with this young lady .. grumpy gal!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps .. Going to watch Solsidan nu. Laters! / P. x

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Love / P. x

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

business meeting #2.

swedish people will understand the irony here

Just got back from meeting number two .. Have a better understanding of the concept we are working on and we came to alot of mutual agreements. So it feels really good. It's so much fun to actually work on your own project .. makes you really motivated. I have also longed for Swedish coffee shop culture for a long time now (like I have mentioned in previous posts) and realised that they're the best place for our meetings. Hopefully we will get some more done before the weekend. Time is running out .. :(

Managed to get my passport sorted aswell .. To everyone with a bad photo you are not the only ones .. I look absolutely terrible in my new photo!! Haha .. Thankfully I get to change it in 2 years time. Pheew ..

Going to do some research now and then chill with the fams' a bit. See you back here tomorrow. Love / P. x

image bomb - gbg.

first day at the airport waiting to be picked up!
swedish pizza .. oh how i have missed you
newly refurbished tanning shop. me and selmas favourite spot
night out .. here with my favourite girl
dinner at lydia's
my ear cuff
happy valentine everyone!
Going to sort some stuff out today. Getting my passport re-newed and have some other errands. Hopefully I'll get some time over to squeeze in a little coffee shop break aswell before I head back home to have dinner with the family. Getting my favourite dish made tonight! Yum!

Ciao for now / P. x

bed time post.

Finally in bed! Been a really nice day today with lunch in town and then some brainstorming over a cup of tea. Was going to upload images from the past few days but it'll have to wait for tomorrow. Feel knackered!

Anyways guys .. Time to doze off! Sleep tight and sweet dreams! / P. x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

business meeting #1.

Hey guys .. I have been very lazy with the blog. Please forgive me .. Haha. Haven't been around the net so much the past few days and the reason for that is because I am having so much fun!! Feels so good to be back home .. I have already eaten so many yummy things. Will post some images later when I get home ..

I am sitting on my first official business meeting now .. So I will keep it short. Got some really cool ideas going on .. Gonna be amazing!

So ciao for now and I'll catch up with you later on tonight. Love / P. x

Friday, 11 February 2011

shoes for sale!

Spring cleaned my wardrobe and found some goodies in there I haven't used at all. Feels like I've grown apart from these a bit but still such a shame to just have them lying in my closet. Here are the two first bits I'm putting up for sale. Let me know if you're interested and send me a personal message for further details.

jessica simpson brenda shoe in dark floral  - SOLD!
giles deacon bejewelled shoes in blue

You can also find them on eBay here so start bidding! / P. x


First whole day back in my home-town. Planned the whole day around a good lunch at Paprika to have their amazing salads and then arranged for a meeting regarding an upcoming project that will hopefully happen within a near future. Seems like a lot of things are quite secretive on this blog but it's mainly because I don't like to shout out before things are 100% done. But all and all a great day! Need to say that Sweden is absolutely frikkin cold though. I had forgotten how much .. and today I was reminded again. DAMN!

Going to bed now as I need to be fresh and ready for another productive day tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday everyone! / P. x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

off to the airport!

The day has arrived and I am finally on my way to the airport. Stressed the hell out of myself before I eventually managed to leave the house. Didn't realise the time was so much! Anyways doesn't matter now because I am finally on route. Just thought I'd give London a proper goodbye before I left .. So so long for now and I'll catch up with you from Sweden. Will try to post as much as I can from there too so make sure you follow my trip!!

Big love / P. X

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

time to pack! :)

So I am meant to be packing, washing, showering, pampering, preparing .. I have been longing for this day but I am SO tired that I'm just sitting here at the moment. Updating the blog makes me feel a bit more productive at least .. so hurray!

Today was like the day from hell. Was a very negative feel in the air and on top of that there was a lot of work that had to be done. But I didn't manage to finish everything that I wanted to finish ..even stayed an extra hour. And a really close collegue left us today .. was her last day but didn't even have time to cuddle with her properly :( (no I don't normally do that). ANYWAYS .. let's not be negative because all of that is out my window now. For 2 weeks !! And I am so, so happy that I am finally going back home to see all my sweethearts .. and eat Swedish food!! So the wash is in the machine and the packing starts now!!

oh how high-tech am i with my e-ticket?

Laters gaters! / P. x