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Friday, 13 May 2011

it's only showbiz.

She's a character that is often misunderstood .. I admit I have raised an eyebrow or two myself at times, but I have to say that Lady Gaga is truly sensational. Came across a couple of interviews with her and realised that I have never actually heard her speak about herself and her work. The girl is frikkin adorable!

Yes she is outrageous but she explains that she does it so that other people that are feeling like they need to express themselves have someone to look up to. Basically if Lady Gaga does it then it's ok to be the way you want to be .. because she does it and is selling diamond across the globe! That for me is such a beautiful statment .. or cause might be a better word. Her obsession with haute couture is a part of her character .. a promise to keep the true essence of showbiz alive and not let her fans see her doing ordinary, boring things in ordinary clothes. She is being her own self and expressing herself in a really remarkable way.

She donates a lot of the money she makes into anti-bullying campaigns and is a spokeswoman for the gay community. A lot of her concert profits also go to creating new props and costumes to ensure every single show is extra-ordinary. How amazing is that ... ?

I can ramble on for ages now because I have been truly impressed by this woman. Yes I have always known that she is a true practitioner of the arts and that she is extremely talented and creative .. never did I know I could expect all of this from this Italian girl though ..

(Telephone) hats off for you Gaga. We love you! ♥ / P. x

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