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Monday, 18 October 2010

interneeet we need you!!

Ok so as you can see I haven't been able to be on here for a while a.k.a I still don't have my internet up and running! I am hoping it will all be ready for this weekend ..

As I have practically been living out of my suitcase, and have all my other bits packed away in boxes in my living room, I haven't been able to get all my pieces together yet. It's much harder than I thought it would be! But I have yet again done some research ..

Last week I decided to go clay shopping, so I set myself on an adventure in east London. I was looking for Atlantis, the UK's largest arts and crafts material store and is an icon of London's East End. I took a while to find it but it was sure worth it. I had been there once before, back when I was a student, but it is just as exciting every time! I must admit, they are very under-staffed so you need to be prepared to be completely on your own serving yourself! Hehe .. But as long as you know what you are after it is pretty simple to find your way around in there. And I sure did find some cool stuff; fimo clay, glass paint and varnish spray. :)

As I have long been trying to get my hands on a material for my beads I decided to play around with fimo clay, and since I have never worked with fimo clay before .. I decided to make a test piece first. Here is how it went:

My next mission: to find the right chains!! I have found some wicked habedashery and crafts shops in central London so will try to check them out soon again. Kleins seems to be a really cool one ... only problem is that it shuts at 5pm everyday, and I never get out of work before then! :( We'll see how it goes ..

Anyways, chilling with my favourite girls now. So make sure you don't miss me too much and hopefully we will be re-united this weekend. Haha

Good night folks! / P.

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