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Saturday, 8 January 2011

a chocolate factory in wood green?

So my sister was out walking with her dog this afternoon and was explaining the long walk she had. "Yea so we walked all the way to the Chocolate Factory" she said. "The what?" .. And she was surprised I didn't know about this fact. Appearantly there is a chocolate factory here in north London that I didn't have the slightest clue about. Funniest thing is that I have actually walked past it myself without even noticing. Imagine a world like the one Willy Wonka had. Where you can drink from chocolate rivers and dance around with oompa loompas! There will be sweets everywhere and they will never finish! Ohhh .. So I had to look it up to plan my visit. And thats when I got disappointed ..

There are 2 buildings named the Chocolate Factory 1 & 2, but they aren't actual chocolate factories. In the early days George Osborne Baratts bought this development for his confectionary business (you know Bassett winegums?) which was later replaced with Caxton Chocolate for a few years. Now they also decided to move away and today the Chocolate Factory 1 & 2 have become a landmark development housing the works of over 200 artist and creative companies. Like an arts hub. Yeah ok .. very exciting facts but how boring! I was expecting little scary men that work like slaves to make me the best piece of chocolate in the world!

Oh well not to worry .. There are plenty of fun places around the UK for similar experiences i.e. the Cadbury World in Birmingham and the Michton Chocolate Factory in Swansea. So I will bath in a river a chocolate one day .. I WILL!

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  1. Nice blogg hope to see you soon in Secondlife =)

  2. Oh what an exciting discovery! Sweet discovery. I wish I was there too :(
    Nice blog.

  3. thank you guys!! make sure you subscribe too :))

  4. I WANT TO GO TO THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY! I love oompa loompas [: