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Salvador Dalí

Sunday, 7 November 2010

byebye vm daughter.

I absolutely love weekends! Relaxing in my own space is the best thing in the world I have to say. I had big plans for this weekend but I decided to ditch them all for a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing! Love it!

Just had one of my favourite girls over with her adorable baby boy (whom I love btw!) .. And I need to say that my maternal sides aren't too bad. There is still hope for me! Hahaha

Right .. So Friday was a sad day. I found out that my in-store VM (my VM daughter!) was going to be transferred to another store .. And that it was our last day together :'( .. She's a brilliant VM and I am happy for her but I thought I would offically let you all know that I will miss her at work. All the best Jess-Jess .. And make sure you don't forget about us! :) xx

So to cover up the open wounds of Fridays tragedy I decided to undergo therapy .. Well .. to make some beads anyways :) Fimo was the material and I realised that it can be tricky from time to time. Certain shapes and patterns are hard to create so I think I need to practice some more .. Ill get the hang of it soon. Remember the crochet project? I turn that baby upside down in a fortnight. Hehe .. Anyways I made a couple of beads and thought I'd show you an image of them but as it turns out you can't do that with a Blackberry. So the image will be uploaded later .. But they turned out pretty nice :) Making some more tomorrow. Also it's so ironic that I couldn't find any chains anywhere a couple of weeks ago and now I'm finding and being given chains left to right. Can't really complain!

Hearing fireworks outside my house. Remember, remember, the 5th of November? I know I don't .. Still going to have a little sneak peak!

Good Night! X / P.

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