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Sunday, 21 November 2010

late night post.

Dinner and wine with some friends on a Saturday night is sometimes the most relaxing and uplifting thing. And since I feel really full and happy now I thought I would pop in and update all of you on the latest bits. Firstly it is getting really ridiculous but our internet is still not up and running so at the moment this is the best way for me to keep up with all of you .. at my sisters house. Hehe

So the past weeks have been very busy. I have been a good girl and done major catch ups with friends I haven't met for a while and also pulled myself together and finished my bedroom! I went to IKEA the other week and got all my pieces and thanks to my very sweet handy-man I got everything set up last Saturday. I haven't taken a picture of the room yet as I am still not 100% finished with it. The final touches are under development :). It is very feminine and relaxing though .. and I absolutely adore it. It is definitely a place for a good nights rest! Soo cosy .. I ♥ my bedroom! So thanks lovely .. X

I have been working on my pieces as well. I have divided my collection into three stories, all of them having different styles yet they are all based around the same influence. The theme is still middle eastern symbolism and tales but have a contemporary twist to it. As I might have mentioned in earlier posts, I am interested in pieces that are hard to find in the market at the moment. The pieces I create are therefore initially based on my own requests but will speak to a broader customer base as they will all be very unique. I am being boring and calling the stories by numbers at the moment to be able to keep them apart. I worked on story #2 (fragility) on Sunday and these where two of the pieces:

Hopefully I'll get some more done tomorrow.

Anyways .. Happy Weekend! / P.

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