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Saturday, 18 June 2011

rial pendants.

After a long week at work with newness on the floor and directive changes I spent the day shopping and the evening going through some of the findings I brought with me from the States. As I told you before I found an amazing store called Beads Galore where I spent a couple of hours on one of my last days there. Going through all my bits from there and the bits I got from my auntie I started to get some ideas for my new projects.

I especially wanted to share these pieces with you as it was such a surprise to find them in the store. They are authentic Iranian 5 rial coins that have been hand-crafted into two beutiful pendants. They only had about 4 in store so I chose the two best ones and brought them home with me. Not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet (pieces like this make me slightly nervous as they are one of a kind) but it was still fun to play around with ideas.

with swarowski crystals, authentic shells and fresh water pearls

Pretty nice huh? Also for everyone that have asked me about my pieces and why I don't showcase them here .. I am very particular with the work I show on my blog as most of the projects are still in the process of being completed. I love to share all my work with you but for everyone in the same kind of business, you will know that sharing all your ideas at this stage would just be stupid. So don't feel disheartened .. I promsie that you will see a lot of my pieces here very soon.

Much love / P. x

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