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Salvador Dalí

Sunday, 25 July 2010


I have realised that it's really hard to keep this as a routine. If only there was a device that could connect your brain and heart to your laptop and transfer all data onto it. How much easier wouldn't that be? Wow .. you guys would have been in for a ride then. Well then maybe .. in a way .. its good that it doesn't exist!! Haha

Anyways .. Remember I told you guys about how I felt after my Japan trip and that I needed to express this somehow? I just wasn't sure how to go about with this feeling. I used to paint alot when I was younger. During my studies I enjoyed being creative but I didn't enjoy the fact that I rarely saw any finished products that I could grasp in my hand. Everything was in theory. I have found a new passion now. I am creating again .. through expressive jewellery making. I have taught myself new techniques during the past weeks .. I am now experimenting with materials and techniques and I am loving it! I want to create pieces that I have been missing from the market .. things that I have been wanted to own but that I have had problems finding. I want to create pieces that aren't just fashionable, but pieces that people can engage with and have an opinion about. And as soon as I started playing around, new ideas came to my head .. I have about a million things I want to do right now, now, now! Seriously .. This is going to be amazing! Cant wait to finish my first set of designs!!

Here's a sneak peak:

Also .. My promotion was sorted. Super frikkin great!

Peace! // P.

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