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Saturday, 16 April 2011

have you ever seen a cupcake parlor this cool?

Walking past Soho yesterday we spotted this bakery, Cox Cookies & Cake. It's situated on Brewer Street, quite close to Madame JoJo's and is a collaboration between renowned shoedesigner Patrick Cox and Eric Lanlard, London's finest cake maker. It can't get better than that right? Well WRONG because this place is absolutely frikkin amazing. Due to my healthy regime (lol) I didn't step inside but the window displays were showcasing a small friction of what you could find inside. From sexy abs cupcakes to bunny cupcakes just in time for Easter. It's actually hilarious .. and look soooo tasty! And the new collaboration has had a lot of press coverage too. Giving my diet a couple of months and then that's where you will be finding me!

Go check it out guys! Love / P. x

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