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Saturday, 2 April 2011

healing jewellery?

I woke up nice and early today to attend my first yoga session. It might be a phase or I might actually continue this through this time around .. Let's hope it's the second option! The practise is based around both your inner and outer health focusing on your core, flexibility and breathing patterns. In other words .. it's amazing for you!

My trip to the States is getting nearer and nearer and as I am visiting Arizona, which is one of the most spiritual and energetic areas of north America, it's the perfect time to pick up some (spiritual?) items for a future project. Was inspired by the practise and lessons learnt today and thought to maybe combine it with something that is constantly growing on the summer/spring 2011 catwalks. Have you ever heard of crystal healing? Well a lot of people that are very spiritually engaged believe that rock crystals and stones can, in a similar way to yoga, balance your inner chakras and magnetic forces. It might not be used in a similar way on the catwalk but you can not avoid the truth .. it also looks shit hot!

Definitly browsing through the many crystal/stone shops found in Arizona when I get there. Hopefully I will get the chance to bag a couple of nice pieces for myself.

chic vs crystals at emporio armani ss 2011
love this! balmain brings out punk with crystals
glow in the dark crystal


 Namaste! / P. x

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