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Friday, 29 April 2011

sarah burton for fashion queen.

some of the many "competing" designs

For several months there has been hundreds of designers flocking to their drawing tables and dressing mannequins to create the wedding dress of the century. And a lot of hearts were broken when the "winner" was revealed. My heart however was fully joyful as the project was given to one of my favourite designers at the moment, Sarah Burton. Since being confirmed to be the new Creative Director for Alexander McQueen she has baffled a lot of us with her amazing creations and today she did it again.

200 years of British royal history and the heritage of the Arts & Crafts tradition was incorporated in the wedding dress that had a 3 meter train. The Royal School of Needlework worked closely with the Alexander McQueen atelier to create a hand-embroided, sculpted bodice that Kate wore over her Victorian-style corset. The hand-stitchers had to wash their hands every 30 minutes and change the needle every 3 hours to keep the lace and thread clean and pristine. In addition to all of this, Sarah Burton hand-picked every bit of fabric used on the dress herself, ensuring only the best material in the UK was used. Now thats hard work!

So big up Sarah Burton! I'll make sure to save your details for my own future plans .. :))

Love / P. x

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