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Salvador Dalí

Friday, 27 May 2011

beads galore indeed!

OMG!! I stepped in to heaven for 2 hours today and came out with the world biggest grin. My auntie took me to a huge bead store in Phoenix today and I knew, from the first second, that I was going to spend a lot of money in there. The beads were absolutely fantastic and the staff were so, so helpful and polite. I have been to quite a few bead stores during the past years but this one had a whole different atmosphere .. I absolutely loved it! And OMG to all the prices too .. it's so much cheaper than London.
Thank you Beads Galore and auntie for a great day and yayy for all my beautiful findings!! I wont show them now but you'll see what I mean once I'm done with them. They are so amazing! 

Love / P. x

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