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Salvador Dalí

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Good morning London and good evening USA! It's so hard to keep in touch with everyone from here because of the time differences .. but it's all good because when everyone's getting ready to go to bed the sun is shiiiiining here! Oh yeah!

Had a very relaxing day today .. Spent the whole morning with my sis by the pool and even encouraged the rest of the family to join us too! We then decided to take a trip to Chandler to get my dad a case for the iPad2 we got him for his birthday (speaking of .. haven't put any images up from that night yet .. hmm). Anyways .. like usual I ended up spending bucks and eating good food. One place I wanted to mention in particular is a "bread shop" called Wildflower. It's actually a restaurant where they bake all their breads fresh in store .. and the selection of soups, salads and sandwiches are so, so yummy! I ended up getting a thai coconut chicken soup with a Wildflower house salad. The best bit is the way the serve the soup!

even the butter is wipped and all fluffy!

So if you ever come across a Wildflower make sure you pop in and try their menu .. Doesn't look too exciting from the outside but I promise you that it is. Two thumbs up! / P. x

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