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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

image bomb - az.

Hello my lovelies! Went to bed quite late last night and therefore got up quite late today as well .. Normally I am up by 7am here .. :S Anyways got myself a nice rest and decided to take a walk with my sister to Fiesta Mall here in Mesa for some shopping. And shopping we did!! Halleluja for the prices here in the States .. I'm in heaven. Lol .. Will show you the bits later. 

Here's a small image bomb from the past week:

misters @ tempe market place .. yes it's THAT hot
oregano's !
chillin at our friends complex in paradise valley
is this our favourite store? i think it iiiiis
one of dad's offices .. this one's in mesa
kierland common
me today .. yumyum

Loving every bit of my stay here .. More images to follow as soon as I can figure out how to transfer them from our cameras. There are about 4 cameras and 5 computers involved in this mess .. Lol. 

Anyways pool time now! Love / P. x

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