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Saturday, 4 September 2010

me + camino = true

Half way through the weekend now .. Oh how I wish that they were longer!

On Friday we decided to go to Camino, a spanish tapas joint that we discovered last Friday. Unfortunatly we didn't have our patience with us then and decided to ditch the food there for an easier Nandos around the corner. But as we were enjoying our drinks we couldn't help to notice the amazing platters of food that came out of the kitchen every once in a while. We decided to go back there the following week, and we sure did!

I absolutely LOVED the food! Tapas culture is very particular. It's food you share together with others, creating a quite intimate dining experience. Well that didn't apply to us as us+food=non-sharing experience! Haha .. We ordered one platter each of the most amazing, tastebud-tickeling, mind-blowing tapas with bits such as bruschetta, potatoe croquettes, goats cheese, chorizo .. and the list goes on. We also decided to go full spanish and ordered a jug of sangria!! A bit pricey but definitly a place I would go back to!!

I ♥ Tapas!

Tomorrow I am starting a new piece that I have planned on working on. It's going to be my first attempt on making my own clay that I am later going to use in a charm necklace. Fingers crossed! I have also ordered a few bits that are on their way to my house as I (type) speak!

Will catch up with you guys then. Cheerio / P.

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