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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

review: the surreal house.

On Monday I finally went to see the "Surreal House" exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery with sis. When we entered the ticket area I was well excited about it, starting to imagine what it would be like. I've read so much about it so my expectations were sky high. So after buying the tickets and entering the main bit, we firstly realised that no one would have noticed if we didn't buy a ticket at all. There wasn't anybody there to check! But loyal as we are, we did.

I had to admit that the space the exhibition was housed in was quite intriguing. Every perspective of the two-level space invited you with quite serious frames which linked the whole space together. With a balcony falling over the peripherals of the lower level, the inhabitants of the space could see the first stage of the exhibition from the top and observe the observers and the artworks around. You became the puppet master, yet you were not in control of the show. From one side of the balcony you could also find projection works, by artists such as Diller & Scofidio, piercing through diagonal voids constructed of the many walls in the exhibition hall. Furthermore the whole exhibiton evolved around the interpretation of "home" with 150 Surrealist works displayed in the many smaller rooms that the whole exhibiton was divided into. These rooms portraited the different rooms of a house. The placement of the artworks therefore depended on the type "room" as they reflected the subject in matter. Carmody Groarke definitly did a remarkable job.

Like promised, there were alot of amazing works by amazing artists. I was really hoping to see more 3D work though, and the density of pieces chosen for this exhibiton were very light. There was many films showing, but very little interesting paintings and sculptures. When it ended I actually thought there would be another floor of work, so that was a bit disappointing. I wouldn't say it was the best surrealistic exhibition I have been to, but the space itself definitly makes it worth visiting. So for anybody interested in architecture and surrealism, the exhibition ends on the 12 September so go and see it.

After the exhibiton we decided to grab a bite to eat and found a very relaxing spot where I got treated dinner. I had fresh spaghetti with fresh clams, garlic and chilli. Yum! :)

Carni was happening at the same time but I am quite glad I missed it this year because I really needed a day like Monday. Thanks sis! Love you / P.


  1. this sounds like it was a very cool exhibiton, to bad I missed it !

  2. Next time you are here we will go to a better one!

  3. I'm happy you enjoyed the visiting. I wish I was there :-(