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Salvador Dalí

Sunday, 12 September 2010

we ♥ window displays.

Windows are excellent spaces for experimental and conceptual design and London is the master city for it! I have come across some exceptionally impressing windows during my years here, but as I was walking around in Knightsbridge the other day, I had to stop at the windows at Harvey Nichols for a more thorough look. They have introduced a a new series of displays originated from the theme "Everyday Thing". It features elaborate sculptures made of everyday objects, such as pencils and cassettes. You can see everything from a dress made out of clothes pins to a car made out of plastic toys. The details and colour combinations are very striking so would definitly advise all of you to go down and have a look!! Love it!

Sweet huh?

Another quite amazing set of displays are the new shoe production displays at Selfridges. Now I haven't seen the final ones yet as I have not been back there but I am proud to say that I was one of the first ones to witness them being erected. The displays were put in on Thursday night, the same night I had a nightshift of my own, implementing the new September Update Directive. I therefore got a first glimpse of how they would all look. Sorry for the bad quality guys .. I took the photos from a distance in the dark.

Better pics will follow on Monday!

Nitenite for now/ P.

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