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Salvador Dalí

Thursday, 12 August 2010

begun to work again.

My week so far has been very relaxing, I have to say. Although I have been at work all through this week it has been a very creative week for me. On Monday night the floor was refreshed with a new denim destination going in. And then most of the week has been about organising training and attending training sessions at Head Office.

Apart from that I have also begun to sketch out a few new ideas for my collection. I have done some sketch pieces, which helped me understand what geometry and material I want to work on on specific pieces. It also made me realise that I have a HUGE shopping list to tick off !!

I have finally decided on my current theme: Afghan and Persian. Don't know if that is specific enough so showing you some inspiration images:

I have literally fallen in love with the colours and shapes of this part of the world. The Persian Empire as a whole has a very intriguing history and its tales are extremely beautiful. My dad has told me millions of stories from these times and I have always been tempted to interact with the tales and find a way to re-create the imaginary frames from the stories heard. So this is going to be excellent. Lets see how it goes ..

Stay blessed / P.

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