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Monday, 30 August 2010

if i could be anything in the world .. i would be a model.

I am not a shallow person (Ok that's a lie, we are all shallow to a certain extend), but today it occured to me that one of the most exciting professions on this planet is editorial modelling. Now I am not talking about joining the don't-eat-carbs-or-I-will-not-qualify-to-be-the-next-Covergirl-type of models, but being the human in fashion photography. Being admired and praised for contributing to fantastic frames that are positioned in such a delicate way to create extra-ordinary geometrical scenarios is to me extremely respectful. People flick through fashion shoots everyday but everybody don't quite understand the characteristical depth in which they have derived from and what an important role the human figure have in them.

Imagine travelling the whole world, exploring beautiful landscapes, cultures, colours, textures .. then imagine being able to be dressed in amazing costumes and be put together with all these elements to create a frame that is so thought through that it affects its observer. Light-fall, seasonal changes, life in general .. they are all elements that contribute to a sceneric shot but they are also the reason why a photo can never quite be completely re-created. The world changes all the time and a photo taken right now will therefore be unique and impossible to compare to the next. The same applies to two individuals. Like two different parts of the world, they will also never be identical. As a result of this, models are the core of a fashion photo and the foundation of a successful campaign.

For them everyday is different. They are swept away into different worlds everytime and the playfulness of their jobs never ends. I feel like I am sinning, because I envy them.

If I could be anything in the world .. I would be a model.

David LaChapelle (big fan!):

World Vogue 2010:


Viva les mannequins! /P.


  1. Hi again

    This is you most recent and good post.

    I like the images epecially the "Vogue"...
    I agree with you that editorial modelling has been a growing and very exciting proffession in recent time.
    I'm not into in this branch deeply, but I admire the the creation of these sceneric shots based on beautiful landscapes, cultures, colours, textures...
    Very good post. I like it.


  2. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) x