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Friday, 20 August 2010

oh sweet weekend!

I am overly excited, I have to say. It's been a tough week but weekend has finally arrived and I already feel much more rested :)

I haven't been able to write this week as I have been super busy so I thought I'd update all you cheeky monkeys now. We had the new September Directive launched on Wednesday night. We are doing our own flip on Tuesday next week. The new presentations look S I C K! It has kind of made me yearn for autumn .. But at the same time I am sad to see the summer pieces disappear. This only means we are entering a new season and we need to say byebye to summer .. Well at least the little bit of summer we had this year! Haha .. So apart from that, Selfridges also launched the new Womens Shoe destination on the 3rd floor. We got to have a little sneak peak of the new trends on Tuesday on the Shoe Lounge Fashion Show. Need to say .. I am in love with Alexander MQ!! Frikkin brilliant designs!! And the Shoe Lounge is really cool. They have 5 different rooms, all with different moods that reflect the type of product that's sold there. Our department is going to be in the rusty department. Shocking! Haha

Selfridges, London, Shoe Lounge

Alexander McQueen - Angel Ankle Boots --> i love!

Anyways moving on from that, I know I had promised to show you guys some of the pieces I had been working on but I found some beautiful yarn the other day so I am holding that off until I have tried it out on the pieces. I will smack those images online next week .. I promise!

Going to chill with my number one so tada for now / P.

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