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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

i'm chained up.

Hey guys! The last couple of days have been manic! We have had a million new lines in since the weekend, which we thought was going to mess up our floor. But thankfully we managed to place them all in very good locations. The visits we have had so far, after our new directive move, have been brilliant! Everybody has loved the floor so far and we have been given excellent feedback. Yayy !!

Yesterday I went to The Bead Shop in Covent Garden to browse around in their shop. I was planning on spending quite alot in there but was very disappointed when I arrived as most of the beads they sold were of very poor quality. The beads that I have been working with so far have all been bought in Japan and the difference between them and the ones I saw in the shop were miles apart! On top of that they were expensive aswell, so I am definitly not going back there. Instead I have found some cool distributors online that I will try out.

I did manage to get hold of some cool chains though (but not from that shop). I found them in 4 different styles and it's about 5 meters of each type, which made the trip home a nightmare. They frikkin weighed as much as me!! But it's all good and they are now waiting for me to make them pretty. :)

We have a visit at work again tomorrow. Our head VM manager is coming in so hopefully everything will go well. Also might not be back on here until Monday as it's my biiiiiiiirthday on Sunday! Im turning the big 2-5! But might still pop in at some point. We'll see :))

Ciao for now. My sub is waiting! / P.

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