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Saturday, 15 January 2011

our brand new, beautiful, amazing habitat!

Not sure if you all remember .. but a couple of months ago I posted a post called "so long mr cline"? Anyways, that day I was at my sisters house to help her move out from her previous flat and temporarily stay with us until her new flat was sorted. Well it finally has been! TODAY! I am so happy for her .. and the flat is sooo beautiful. Everything is brand new and parts of it is still under construction. I therefore won't put any images from the inside. But they will follow once it's all finished. I have also come to an agreement with her to decorate it for her aswell .. So it's my new little project now. So excited!

We googled the adress and found a really old image of the building online. WOW .. Look at the difference:

Congratulations my love. I know you will love it in the new place .. and I will come and stay at yours many, many nights .. so so will I! :)

Tonight we are cooking indian! So will let you go for now and I'll catch up with you all later.

Adios! / P. x

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  1. aawww thank u my sweetie pie and thanks for the help with the final decisions :) xxx

    p.s u so are helping me decorate the place!!