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"So little of what could happen does happen."

Salvador Dalí

Sunday, 23 January 2011

book wrapping and love baking.

after much anticipation i finally wrapped my books today. trying to keep the colours to a bare minimum (silver, white & cream?) .. so as you can see im still not finished .. but still looks pretty organised huh?
cuddeling with my favourite after his bath
made my favourite cake in the world .. swedish kärleksmums. in english it translates into "love-yums". just in time for valentine's day next month! anyways .. they were delicious :)

Super relaxing day. Slept till late and had a nice dinner + dessert with my sis. Been organising, cleaning and tidying all day and even manage to get my laundry done. Not going to bed quite yet as I can feel the results of waking up late kicking in. Doesn't matter anyways as I have a long-weekend ahead! Directive nightshift is on Monday night so will be able to sleep as much as I want till then. :) 

Hope you've all had a good day too! Love / P. x

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