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Salvador Dalí

Saturday, 1 January 2011

welcome 1.1.11 :)

Entered a new year with a positive feeling. Last night was so much jokes. Spend it with people I truly love and had a good few laughs. New Years Eve is to celebrate the beginning of something new and fresh and toasting and welcoming new endouvers and challenges .. and I sure did that. We blew up everything we bought .. Haha .. almost got myself blown up too. But that's all good .. Like I said, had major laughs!! Saw all the fireworks at the strike of midnight from Alexandra Palace too. AMAZING! The whole peripheral of London played a symphony of illumination and sparkles and it was absolutely stunning!

So moving on from last night and entering the first day of the new year means that new goals and aims need to be set. My only new years resolution this year was to make sure I live 2011 in the best way possible.

A few pics from last night:

bad quality, was trying not to get killed. lol
cheers sogii!

Today I've just been chilling with some red wine and cheese. Yumyum .. found a new passion for red wine. Very random but made some panncakes too so we all had a nice lunching. Being the first day of the year and all I decided to also organise some bits in the house. Been cleaning, tidying and organising all day. Feels good!

Anyways people, have a lovely day .. hope you all had an amazing night last night and wishing you all an even more amazing year ahead.

Love / P. x

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