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Salvador Dalí

Friday, 31 December 2010

happy new year everyone!!

Yes indeed .. we are blowing this place up tonight! Haha .. Dinner is prepared .. getting ready myself now and then we can let the celebrations begin!

Got friends celebrating all over London now. We are all in different places tonight so I am wishing you an amazing New Years Eve and hope all your wishes come true in 2011! And to all my sweethearts around the globe, you are truly missed on a night like this; my dad and uncle in Arizona, my best friends in LA and Dubai, all my little chickens in Sweden and my lovely family in Iran. We are going global baby .. but you all know that you're always in my heart .. especially when the clock strikes midnight! I love you all ♥

Happy 2011 everyone!!! ♥♥

Big Love / P. x

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