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Salvador Dalí

Thursday, 31 March 2011

guess where i'm gooooing? :)

Didn't take any photos from the nightshift this time around. Got one from our new jewellery destination which looks pretty cool. Had our visit in today and it went really well .. But it left me with no breaks at all as I was super busy. Sometimes that's needed I guess ..

On the flipside something quite amazing happened. I finally booked my tickets to the States!! Going with my sister in a less than 2 months to visit my dad and celebrate his birthday and I'm super excited! Been missing it so much and can't wait for all the shopping .. And the food!! Yumyum .. And I actually love the fact that I'm going there with my sister .. :) Yay!

Some images from last visit:

So see you all in about two months my American muchachas! Love / P. x

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