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"So little of what could happen does happen."

Salvador Dalí

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

this is where it all began.

Had to come back here after so many years to meet with the new tenants in Sweden. This was where all the magic happened .. all my nights in with my girls, all the dramas, all the laughters, all the pre-drinks before nights out, all the preparations to move to London, all the big steps of my teenage life, all the warmth from my family, all the lovely memories .. Lived here for over 10 years and will always love this area and especially always love this flat. So many amazing people have walked through its doors and they're the people that will forever be in my heart. Looked so life-less when I saw it though .. all the walls had been painted white and it looked so run down and miserable. Haha .. not quite how I remember it. But still so happy I got to visit it one last time.

Thank you for contributing to the best years of my life! Big up for you! / P. x


  1. love love and more love....those were the days and miss it so much x

  2. attans... .det va verkligen inte igår. får inte i hela kroppen när jag er bilderna. sjuuukt va mycket minnen man har från brunnsbo, känns som ett annat liv!!!

  3. omgggg i miss it so badly!! <3