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Salvador Dalí

Friday, 4 March 2011

like a stranded fish?

I have been so terribly ill since Monday. Thought at first that it was just some minor signs of exhaustion .. after traveling and so on. Turned out it was severe tonsillitis so I have had to be home sick the whole week. It's really painful but the worst thing is the fact that I'm feeling so unproductive and restless! I can't be in this bed any longer .. So I decided to get up and take a powerwalk and buy some groceries on my way back home. However my sister found out and forbid me and instead cancelled her Friday night plans to be my care taker! Ain't she adorable? Feel really bad though .. But this means I'm facing yet another full day in this house! Ahhhh!! On the flip-side, evenings spent with my sis is on the top of my favourite list. Let's make the most of it with some good movies and good food! (if I can manage to swallow!) See you all later! / P. x

my get well pressie from my sister .. icarus wing ring. thnx sosis!

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