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Friday, 24 December 2010

ice skating - audrey hepburn style!

The day is finally here .. tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!! Well at least for us "swedes" .. Lol

I have already bought all the necessities (apart from food! :S) Went food shopping in IKEA today after my acupuncture, but realized that they didn't have everything I needed, like julmust! Why didn't they have julmuuuust ?! I bought meatballs, gräddsås and some other Swedish treats (non Christmasy .. hehe). We wanted to buy a Christmas tree aswell, as I am very rubbish at things like that and decided to maybe get one the day before Christmas? :S Conclusion was: I didn't even do that. So for all future references .. do not hire me to organise any kind of Christmas festivities. But what I did manage to do was to start off the holiday celebrations early with some meatballs, potatoes and lingonsylt! Yummy!

Saw this ad on the way back home from IKEA. The Somerset House has collaborated with Tiffany & Co this season to bring some class into the ice rink they normally have there. I mean the usual rink they have is already pretty damn amazing and with this new theme I can only (for the time being) imagine how great it will be. Been there once before, but never got the chance to actually skate. Anyways, with top DJ's on set and all the illuminations it's definitly a shame to miss it. It is even open both day and night. So I. AM. GOING! You can even get specially designed Tiffany & Co cupcakes there!

the ice rink

aren't they adorable?

Updates will follow! Going to make some pancakes now .. It's Christmas so it's ok to be naughty.

Cherio! / P. x

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