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Salvador Dalí

Sunday, 12 December 2010

messy sunday.

Today has been all about cleaning and organising. I decided to dive into the boxes in the living room and see whats what and hopefully get rid of as many boxes as possible. I realised that I have a ginormous box of art supplies, which I still don't know where to store, so it had to wait. Instead I organised all my bags, shoes and charity items. I found some real fashion disasters in there .. it was so bad that even a picture of them here would be too much. Lol! Anyways after about 3hrs of organising I got really tired and bored and left it. This is what it looked like during the process:

Quite a mess right? Hopefully it will all be sorted within the next month or so. Anyways getting ready for bed now. Getting up early tomorrow .. Buhu!

Nitenite! x / P.

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