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Saturday, 18 December 2010

sale is driving me mad!

For the past couple of days we have been given several different dates to launch our sale. This has naturally made me re-schedule my life about 5 times this week .. really frikkin annoying. But I hope the date we have been given now is a definite one. With this going live I will therefor be able to spend some more time with my friends and family, as the dates for my Xmas night shifts will occur on days such as bank holidays and days off (which means I get some time off!!) .. so it's all good.

Also I stumbled across some fun characters in store on Thursday. Don't know if you have all seen the new Selfridges Christmas characters?

Well you will be able to meet them in store as they go around and play, dance and joke with customers. They aren't always on the floor though so if you are lucky maybe you'll get the chance to meet them too!

can you see them?

Sitting right now and chilling with sosis. Was going to see a film in the cinema tonight. The nominated ones were either Tron or Megamind :) .. but we missed the viewings so we're gonna bring cinema home instead. Hehe ..

Stay sound now / P. x

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