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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

this is how i relax.

but before relaxing .. this is how I roll before every nightshift. making plans for the floor

Nightshift's finally over and I've had a good 8hrs of sleep. Woke up this afternoon and felt a slightly blocked nose and a drowsy feeling that I am probably coming down with something. Great! Well not to worry because I have stacked up with soup (really yummy ones aswell).

So when the clock hits 6-7am and you can see how the shop floor is shaping up and you realise that you are finished with the floor ... that's when you appreciate these nightshifts. When I am on my home to go to bed, and everybody else are moving themselves into central London to work, then it feels like it has all been worth it. But the shifts I do are hard and it takes a lot of time, organisation and patience to complete a successful floor layout. I therefore often find myself being very tense and tired. And the chilly winter we have entered is not exactly working to my benefit either. Luckily, thanks to someone special, I have now found a way to get fully rested and refreshed once a week. My secret is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is used to treat a broad range of conditions and is a treatment which encourages the patient's body to cure itself. It is one of the oldest medical procedures in the world and dates back (according to some) to 4000 years ago! Now a method developed over so many years can definitly not be something bad .. right? And it's not. I have spoken to several people, including my dad (who btw is a licensed psycholigist & hypnotherapist), and everybody believe that it's very good for you. Since it helps the blood circulation in your body and helps restoring the imbalance of the energy in your body, it will in the long run, not only be good for your physical health but will also help you stay young and beautiful. So for the next couple of weeks the chinese medicine clinic is where you will see me once a week. Today my doctor even made a special treatment for me to help prevent me from catching a cold. Now isn't that sweet? Hope it works!

my bed today - sorry for the poor quality

Dress warm and stay sound! / P. x


  1. I'm sorry but those pictures doesn't look so calming to me!! ehmmmm....

  2. i know .. its more like a scene from saw! :S but i promise you .. it was very relaxing :)