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Salvador Dalí

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I have found my new favourite game on the iPhone. It's called Soosiz and it's basically like Super Mario, but with cuter figurettes and you can twist the landscapes in endless ways :) I am surprised they have gotten away with so much similarities though .. ? Doesn't matter at all because it's so much fun!! You need to finish all levels in a world to enter the next world and each world is finished by you fighting off the big bad boss! Recognize it? You even have to collect coins to gain star power!

So for all girls that have an iPhone, download it .. You'll be hooked in no time! And for all guys: download it for your girlfriends! It'll allow you to have some alone time .. I promise. Haha

Ciao bella / P. x


  1. u have an iphone now? no more bbm?

  2. getting one soon .. will still have my bb too dont worry :)