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Salvador Dalí

Monday, 13 December 2010

oh the joys of monday afternoon ..

Sitting and waiting in the doctors office now. The queue seems endless though .. I shudve just booked an appointment. Anyways .. Reason why I'm here is because I was recently in a little accident that has made the headaches I used to have come back. So just here to chat to the doctor and see what he says .. Nothing serious or anything. Well, at least I hope .. ! :|

Such a shame though because the acupuncture I have been going to was making it all better .. Reminds me that I probably should have a little chat with my chinese lady on Thursday aswell.

On the flipside .. Its only 12 days left to Christmas and Selfridges have decided to treat us all with some goodies. Everyday, until the big X day we will get little yummy treats and the chance to win great prices. Hopefully I'll get to bag some early X-mas gifts! :):) Fingers crossed! Xx

Anyways .. Seems like it's my turn soon. Thank god! Let's hope I don't catch anything more here! :P

/ P. X

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