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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

nike id. - boomtastic!

Today was a fairly busy day. We were initially meant to launch our sale on Thursday so we had a nightshift in place for tomorrow night. That's all been changed now .. However I went today and picked up my last bit of uniform just in case we launch sale earlier. Couldn't find what I initially was looking for but got myself a nice basic tee.

After some shopping I was passing the Nike Town windows and realised that they've changed their story once again. Looks pretty amazing. The words read Custom Build Performance which means that you now can customise your own trainers.

You can either do it in store or online and the outcome will be a one of a kind pair of trainers designed especially by yourself. You can also shop trainers designed by celebrity sports people i.e. Koby Bryant, Ashley Cole etc. Pretty cool stuff. And the windows are pretty cool too:

I'm gonna go in sometime next week and see if I can get myself a pair of my own! Hmm .. Wonder how I will make them? Anyways .. that'll have to wait. Kicking back and chilling for the rest of the evening now .. Been a long (but fun) day but I am feeling quite tired. Just had some amazing chinese too .. YumYum .. Think I've found my favourite restaurant, near my area.

(and yes I almost finished all of it!)

Yummy right?

Anyways .. Cheerio for now / P. x


  1. akhey yadesh bekheir. =( saknar både dig london o nike....

  2. kom o besööök meeeeeeej !! lovar att ta dig till nike då! :) x