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Salvador Dalí

Monday, 20 December 2010

let it snow .. let it snow .. let it snow.

What are we feeling about the weather? Or more importantly .. what are we feeling about the consequences of the weather? My cousin was going to go home for Christmas on Sunday night but ended up being stranded on English turf as her flight got cancelled. We are not complaining since we get to keep her with us .. but it is very frustrating for her I guess. And for everybody else out there who has got there flights cancelled and have had difficulties getting in to work everyday. So I have to say .. London really needs to get it together! In Sweden we have snow up to our chins and people still manage to live on .. something that clearly isn't an option here. And the fact that the snow doesn't even reach up to your ankles makes the whole situation even more ironic.

The good part though is that we will get to experience a white Christmas this year people! And who doesn't love that? Ho Ho Ho .. I know I do!

holiday spirit on my way home from nightshift this morning ..

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  1. Ohh yeah I used to love it too before mr snow decided to ruin my life :'(