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Salvador Dalí

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

i've got a pistol.

Today was IKEA day after work. Wasn't planning on going but feels like I will be breaking tradition if I don't go there at least once every 2 months now. Haha .. that's pretty much how it's been lately. And we still had to sort some stuff out for my sis' new place. Got a lot of things for the living room today .. Getting the bigger pieces in place first and then it's time for the fun bit - decorating! Also as I was sitting and waiting for the girls this little boy kept taking IKEA catalogues from all of the shelves in the waiting area and putting them on a table. I really didn't understand his goal but he refused to leave until all of the catalogues in that area were stacked on the table. Haha .. it was so funny to watch. Kids can be so weird sometimes .. Anyways had to take a picture of the end result. Like ..what's the point with this?

our shopping
Tomorrow is the last day at work. Visit today went ok .. but we realised that alot need changing on the floor. So tomorrow morning will be a heavy last day at work for me .. Then it's time to come back home and pack and get ready for the day afteeeer!!! Yayy!! Packing down the pieces I got yesterday too. :))

my stunner pistol necklace | bikbok
my baby low maroons + denim jacket | converse + h&m
Going to chill the rest of the night with my sweetheart and then sleep and wake up to the next most amazing day of the week .. butterflies-in-my-belly-and-excitement-over-Sweden day!! Nitenite peeps! / P. x

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  1. Thanks for the help you guys...love u muchly ♥........and love the colour on the converse! :o) x