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Salvador Dalí

Thursday, 3 February 2011

introducing mr marc.

Been so lazy all day. Woke up quite early to the sound of my phone ringing .. wanted to ignore it at first but thought that it might be important. I know what it feels like to go to work all tired and then work throughout the whole night without having a well deserved LONG sleep. So I decided to stay in bed much longer than usual .. But enough is enough. Waiting patientally for my sister to come over. She's collecting the keys to her new flat today .. and seeing it for the first time after the full refurbishment. Hopefully she has taken some images.

Thought I'd show you the pieces I bought the other day by Marc by Marc Jacobs. I especially really love the wishbone pendant. In my culture it works slightly different as you snap the wishbone and need to be careful not to receive anything the "winner" of the game hands over to you. Or you'll lose a bet! Can't use this one in the same way but still a beautiful symbol. Don't you think? The silver rings and leather bracelet are engraved with the latin phrases for "truth enlightens" and "given in love for protection".

I'll try to post something before I leave the house later in the evening. If not then I'll catch up with all of you tomorrow morning! Ciao for now / P. x

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