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Saturday, 5 February 2011

sophy robson manicure!

Good day people! Today is the official move-day! It's all about back-pain and sore fingers as we pack all my sisters stuff and move it into her new casa. Lazy as we are and with the benefit of not having a deadline we are dragging it endlessly. Haha

Last night me and my cousin went to Plan B in Brixton to meet her nail-guru Sophy Robson. She is one of the hottest nail technicians around and my cousin has been following her work for quite some time now. Plan B had it's opening night for Bump and had the Sophy Robson team involved, doing manicures for everyone till midnight. Wohoo!

my pretty nails
me and sophy robson | ear-cuffs designed by me - more pics coming soon
Quite an interesting event and got my nails done all pretty .. and very shiny! Hope they last a while now. Anyways I can hear my sis struggeling next door so I better go and help her with the packing. Speak to you all soon! / P. x

Oh and make sure you check us out @ Sophy's blog!

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