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Saturday, 5 February 2011

nails for cheap monday.

So the swedish brand Cheap Monday have decided to think outside the box this time. The normally quite basic and "safe" brand has now put forward a six piece range completely based around rhodium and oil effect fake nails!

No? Not a fan of jewellery and accessories? Don´t worry .. They even have it on a pair of jeans and a top/dress. Halleluja!

The collection have prices ranging from 16 EUR to 90 EUR and can be found at the Cheap Monday website. Very bizarre in a way .. but might be something for all you dare-devils out there. Selma .. ?

Anyways .. Happy shopping! :) / P. x

Have had questions regarding where you can buy these online as the Cheap Monday website do not stock products for online sale. Unfortunatly by the looks of it there isn't an availible source for them online as of yet. I will keep you updated as soon as I find out. Sorry! x

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