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Salvador Dalí

Saturday, 19 February 2011

look what i found!

OMG! I found this at my aunt's house and had to show you guys. Made this for my uncle on his birthday when I was 10 years old. Was I a creative child or what? Stripped a bottle, covered it in sand and polished it to make it look worn .. I even burned the edges on the paper and dripped candle wax on it. Not sure if you can read the message on the letter but it was basically meant to be for my uncle from an imaginary abandoned girl that promised that I would give my uncle free massages for a whole year as a b-day gift .. if he managed to rescue her of course. Hehe .. Can't believe that they still have it in their house. Was quite touched actually .. :)

Apart from that discovery, the weekend has been pretty chill ... Have had some great food again and just been taking it easy. Not going to keep you long so leaving you with some images instead:

visited my angel .. 
even made friends with this young lady .. grumpy gal!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps .. Going to watch Solsidan nu. Laters! / P. x

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