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Salvador Dalí

Monday, 21 February 2011

nostalgia trip.

Decided to stay at home the whole day today and get some bits sorted. Luckily this gave me some time to go through some of my old stuff that I had left with my aunt at her place when I moved to London. Found some really funny things and because of the involvement of everyone else I can't post all of them here .. ohh I wish I could! There is still one box missing though so I am hoping to find it before I go back to London.

message from my best friends on my graduation day
found loads of funny images from my child hood

Had so much fun going through all of this. True nostalgia trip there for a moment .. Hehe. Bed's calling now so speak to you later. Ciao / P. x

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  1. assa khoda bilden pa dig med hatten.....sooooooooooooosiiiiiisssssss! x